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Reading Testify is like sitting down with a good friend and discussing life.  Kermit has brought his life to life on these very pages.  This book will tug at the heart strings and your very soul.
--- Norman

Very interesting and your brutal honesty causes one to do some self-examinations. I am particularly impressed with how you weaved God's Living Word in with your experiences giving it "Life Application".
--- Pastor Lee   

 What a testimony, I read your book "Testify" and said to my husband, "You need to read this book." My husband said, "You know I don't read books." I told him "You Have To Read This Book."
--- Loralyn

Testify is an honest, tell-it-like-it-is book on life's temptations, struggles, and decisions and how through the power and mercy of God you can live a victorious Christian life it's a GREAT read.
--- Sue

First off I'm not a regular book reader, but I picked up your book Testify and before I knew it I had read four chapters. Your book is very good, thanks for sharing your life. Tim

I enjoyed reading your book "Testify" and how you applied scripture to every day life. I liked your honesty of real life situations and the struggles in working to overcome them with God's help and grace.
--- Denny

I liked this book very good read. The author explained everything very well through out the book without the use of big words.
--- Charlie

This book "Testify" was an inspiration to me. It could be a great help to believers as well as unbelievers seeking a change in their life. I truly enjoyed reading this great book.
--- Lucille

Testify, is heart touching and very moving. It touched my life in a profound way on God's second chances. Read this book it will bless you!
--- Pastor Walter

I told my aunt she was going to be mad at me when she starts reading this book. I told her you will not be able to put it down.
--- Jean

Read this book on a rainy day, once you pick it up its hard to put it down.
--- Dave

Your book has inspired me. How you overcame your demons was heart felt. I have been struggling with demons of my own in my house as well. Your book offers hope for me and my family.
--- Samantha

This book has inspired me to never give up.
--- Ken

What a pleasure to read. One man's life, learning through personal trials to become a better satisfied & motivated Christian.
--- June

I absolutely loved your book.
--- Karina

Testify, the journey of one man's life, his loves and his faith. A good read. The summit is in sight Kermit. All the best.
--- Rick  

A good and easy read.
--- Gerry

Testify, is inspirational at all levels.
--- Bob