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Testify Photo Gallery

Father, sister Brenda and myself
Me in my cowboy outfit
Dressed for Church, Boy that sun's bright
Around the age I asked Jesus into my heart

Father and stepmom

Was song leader at Church about this age
Mother and me high school graduation day
Myself surrounded by family
My truck stepdad took when I left home

Best friend  in school, Terry

House I designed and built in Mississippi

Dating Diana

Diana's parents Beva and Joe

Diana and me on our wedding day

8hp mod. racing tractor

8hp mod. Three wide racing
8hp mod. Feature winner
Me leading the pack on #81
Checkered flag 8hp stock

8hp stock
Feature winner

Damage from a rollover 
Trophies and plaques from winning season
Newspaper cooking contest finalist
Our 1989 Mustang GT

Buddy when he was a puppy

Me and my dogs, Buddy, Holly, and Bo Bob
Older Buddy in the backyard
Our home-built Teardrop camper
Pastor Dave and I on his sailboat

Our 13 ft. Escape camper

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