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Saturday 5/9/09 Hello and Welcome to Kermit's Korner. Today this web site went live. This is an exciting day for me. Two years ago I began writing my testimony on our home pc. Ten months later I had one hundred pages written. I shared my story with friends and family along the way. No matter who read my story they would tell me how much they liked it, but were they just being nice or was it good for real.In Judges chapter 6 it says the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon to save the Israelites from the Midianites. Gideon replied, "I am the least of my family and my clan is the weakest. How can I save Israel?" The Lord said to him "I will be with you." Even after the Lord told Gideon He would be with him Gideon tested the Lord three times in chapter 6 just to be sure. Like Gideon by letting other people read my story I was testing God to see if what I believed in my heart was true are not. But unlike Gideon I didn't stop at three times, I let eighty people read my completed manuscript.Three of those eighty were pastors. Finally I asked my pastor do you think I should get it published? He convinced me with this statement, "If God didn't want you to tell your story He wouldn't have put it on your heart to write it in the first place." That was it no more testing God. Now it was time to walk by faith. I self-published the book and here I am. I've had two book signing events, with a third coming up end of the month. And my first speaking event coming up in June. More info about these events is on the home page. My book is self-published and self-publicized. So tell people you think would be interested about my web site. Thanks to everyone who has made all this possible with God being the first on the list. Email and let me know what you think about the site and or my book. God Bless! Kermit