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Kermit's Korner

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Chapter One
It began like any other Sunday morning when I was nine
years old. I was awakened by my stepdad and went through the kitchen where my mother was busy fixing breakfast. She made the best homemade biscuits along with eggs, grits, and bacon or sausage. After eating we were all busy getting ready for church...
Chapter Four
With everything that I consider was going right in my
life at that time, I was beginning to have frequent pains
in my chest and an upset stomach quite often. I went to our family doctor finally and was diagnosed with...
Chapter Eight
Not long after that I was having trouble listening to my
music and Bible CDs at work. It was just so loud in the
area where I worked, it was hard for me to hear them any longer. Frustrated and starting to get upset when I could not hear the CDs, I just began to tell God...



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